Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New School Prep

The big day is just one week away!  Ayden Jane attended a sweet little preschool for the past 3 years and was known and loved and grew so much.  The staff all knew her and enjoyed her quirkiness and automatically double checked when food was around to be sure Ayden Jane had what she needed. 

This year is the big transition to Kindergarten.  Not only is she now going all day she is in a new school which is MUCH bigger than her little preschool.  There is no way all the staff will know who she is, and really most of them will not have a need to.  (although if I know AJ they will know her soon enough) 

There are a few key folks, however that need to be clued into all that is Ayden Jane.  I emailed her principal and mentioned my desire to check in with some of the staff.  In particular, I want to meet with the folks in the cafeteria, the school nurse, the special area teachers and, of course, her teacher.  The special ed. teacher that will be the point person for her IEP has already been filled in and won't be actively teaching Ayden Jane so I want to make "AJ's rules" clear to those that will see her day to day.

I heard back and she told me when to come in (Monday) and that she would let all of these people know.  I offered to do it in small groups, one on one or in one big group if they prefer.  I am happy to repeat myself as many times as necessary - whatever forum means they are listening!  I am having a little trouble deciding whether to let Ayden Jane ride the bus home or pick her up from school.  Basically our neighborhood is directly across from the school so 'picking her up' simply means walking over and getting her.  That car line is just too dang long!  If the bus brings her she will be dropped off at a corner a little bit closer to our house.  Just means I darn well better be there when the bus gets there!

Well, I guess I am off to gather the necessary papers!  Maybe make my own "Ayden Jane Rules" poster.

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