Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ayden Jane Runs for Her Future

Ayden Jane continues to amaze me.  We were walking the dogs the other day and talking... and talking... and talking...  I think that is part of the reason Ayden Jane likes to walk so much!

Anyway, we were talking about Mckenna and running cross country and how far it is for Mckenna to run a whole race.  I mentioned the One Small Step 5K coming up in October to raise money to help the doctors like Dr. Miller find ways to help her and keep her healthy.  It will be hosted by her new friend Ellie's family in Spartanburg SC.  Ayden Jane got soooo excited and told me she wants to run it too and help Dr. Miller fix her Krebs Cycle!

So, my 5 year old wants to train for a 5K to help fund medical research.  Her 'training' is going pretty well and she is already beginning to receive donations to her cause!  She started jumping up and down and cheering when I told her!!  I need to keep a map or a list or something visual so she can see how many people out there are cheering her on in her quest.

Here is the link to her fundraising page. 

Ayden Jane's 5K

AJ, like any 5 year old, doesn't really get the values of things, but I know she will count how many people are rooting her on!!

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  1. This is so great! I am going to post this on our facebook page ( on Friday so other parents can see what great steps Ayden Jane is taking!