Sunday, March 9, 2014

First Big Bike Adventure

 The sun finally came out!!  Ayden Jane has been riding her bike with no training wheels now for, oooohhhh, two weeks.  So the crazy college kids and Mckenna decided she was ready for her first big bike adventure.  Off to the beach it was!  They rode all the way there, took a walk down the beach and out onto the groin.  (you have to love the Danger Keep off sign)  I stayed by the phone in case Ayden Jane needed to be picked up but no such call arrived.  I decided to drive out and be ready to bring Ayden Jane and her bike home but to my surprise, she pedaled herself the whole way back too.  It's probably 2+ miles each way?  I guess I will have to measure it.  It was a great day and Ayden Jane was so proud of doing a big kid thing.


  1. Hi Janet, this is so inspiring. I have a little girl (8) with pws who has been trying to ride her bike without stabilisers - do you have any tips to share? how did she learn?

    1. Ayden Jane started making progress with riding back in January when her PT worked on it with her. Then bad weather came and we didn't work on it for a while. When she pulled it back out she literally just took off. I just watched in amazement. Things that could have attributed? I imagine the little razor scooter she rides CONSTANTLY must have helped her balance. She has zero fear (not saying that is a good thing) and of course she already had pedaling down.