Monday, March 3, 2014

Illness and Reading

Yes, I realize that these two things do not go hand in hand.  They both just are taking over my day and consuming my thoughts.

First up illness.  Ayden Jane was tired and puny Friday night.  We figured it was just a long week.  Saturday she played her soccer game in the morning, but took a LONG nap.  Not typical.  It was a clue but I wasn't sharp enough at this point to pick up on it.  Then Saturday, after the long nap she asked to go to bed at 7:30.  Yep.  Big clue....  Still I didn't catch on.  She spent the morning before church making me angry by asking a question and then arguing with whatever answer I gave her.  You know, "Mom, do I have time to play before we get ready for church?"  I answer, "you have plenty of time to play."  She argues, "well, I don't have plenty of time because church is in the morning so if it is in the morning than it won't be too long...."  Okay, why was it you asked?

After church we went to Wendy's.  (I know...)  By the time we were finishing up, I realized her eyes were glassy and she was pale and I was not a very good Momma for taking so long to figure this out...  The last straw was when she asked if we could go home because she was freezing.  I wasn't even cold, and I'm always cold even when she is roasting.

So, home we went.  A two hour plus nap and an early bed again...  Fever had started by the afternoon but was not high.  Then in the middle of the night she was on fire.  It was the first time I remember her having 'fever dreams'.  The first she was 'brushing off' her legs and arms and talking about all the ants crawling all over her and how she couldn't get them off.  That didn't last long.  Then the one that seemed to bother her more. She would drift off and then jump.  She said that she kept getting lost.  After several times, she finally fell asleep with my hand heavy on her.  She woke up very feverish and so went our day. 

So for the unrelated topic of reading.  The past two nights when Ayden Jane has picked out a little Bob Book to read to me she has blown me away.  I had bought a new, oh wait!  Santa brought her a new box of books at Christmas.  She has not read all of them yet and her reading has been decent but I was still waiting for it to really take off.  She has quite a few sight words down and has been slowly sounding out consonant vowel consonant words. 

So the past two nights Ayden Jane picked up a new book and just read it.  Yep.  Read right through.  So what is different?  Instead of a word like Peg being sounded out as pp....eeee.....gggg.  Peg.  She had that break through where it became, p... eg.  Peg.  Whew!!  Many of the words were just read straight out and others were sounded out very quickly.  Such a leap.  So awesome.  I could have listened to her read all night long!  Oh wait.  That will be tomorrow when she gets her reading log for the month of March.

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