Sunday, March 2, 2014

IEP Time

Ayden Jane's annual review or her IEP is scheduled for Tuesday.  I know a lot about IEP meetings as I am holding them these days as a long term substitute for a caseload of 17 students.  I know that students need to be compared to their same age peers and show that they are struggling.  It is necessary because you have to justify services.  Also, to examine where skill deficits are so you know what areas to target.  I know because I am doing all of that with my students.

Still, it is not fun to listen to areas where your child is far behind their peers.  Of course there will be lots of discussion about your child's strengths, but it is often hard when looking at numbers to focus on those parts.

Honestly, I think that I have a pretty good handle on where Ayden Jane is.  I think that she is an average reader.  I think that she has average ability in math.  I know that she is very behind with writing.  So, I am a little nervous.  I am hoping she really is average in reading and math.  I could be wrong and she could be falling behind in those areas.  I think that she does okay socially, but I'm not there often so how do I know?  I think that she is working hard but maybe she is not getting a lot accomplished? 

So, I look forward to the report because I truly do want to know how this year has gone and hear how prepared the school thinks that she is for first grade.  I am hoping to hear lots of great things and not have surprises about things I think she is doing okay with...  I want to discuss options for teachers for first grade and pray that we find another fabulous match like we did this year.

I do know that she is happy at school.  She believes she is doing well and is confident in her abilities.  Oh how I want to keep her feeling that way for as many years as possible. 

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