Wednesday, March 12, 2014


We had Ayden Jane's IEP meeting last week.  It was really pretty awesome.  I listened as they talked about how great Ayden Jane is doing.  How her scores for pretty much everything except for writing place her right in the middle of the pack.

Socially they say she gets along with everyone and has lots of friends.  They have had no behavior issues and would love to have a classroom full of Ayden Jane's.  They love how hard she works and that she never gives up.

Since things are going so well, Ayden Jane will stay on a consultative IEP.  She will continue with OT services because, well, she desperately needs them...  Otherwise she will be in the regular classroom with her special needs teacher checking in with the regular education teacher to consult on anything needed. 

Hopefully over the next 5 or 6 months before first grade Ayden Jane's writing skills will continue to improve.  The only concern I have is the writing demands of first grade and how she will be able to handle them.  No time for concerns for a while.  Just going to bask in all the positivity. 

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