Saturday, July 19, 2014

Road Trip!

Such a great trip.  I will definitely need more than one post to cover it! 

First of all Ayden Jane was a great travel buddy!  It used to be awful to travel with Ayden Jane.  She was challenging, her tone would turn to mush, I had no idea how to feed her on the road and she refused to watch movies or anything so she needed something to do at all times!!!  It made me nuts.

This was quite a trip.  We drove from Pawleys Island to Spartanburg to hang with her buddy Ellie.  That was just 4 1/2 hours.  The next day it was Spartanburg to the Chicago suburbs!!  She was awesome.  She had packed most of the toys in her room to keep herself busy so her OCD was put to good use.  Must play thoroughly with all toys! 

We have a pretty good routine down.  When we stopped for gas and to use the bathroom at a gas station she liked to get a drink, small pack of nuts and some sugar free gum.  She thought she was queen of the road!  As for food, trying to eat quick can be tough.  I find meals at a sandwich shop where we can split a sandwich and she just 'saves the bread for the dogs'.  We needed places like chik-fil-a or McDonald's with play places.  So how do we survive those?  CFA is not too tough with kids chicken and the fruit cup.  She also loves the diet lemonade...  It's really strong so you can get away with watering it down.  Our trick at McDonalds (we stumbled onto a rocking play place) is the grilled chicken snack wrap and apples slices.  She opens up the wrap (with no sauce) and just eats the chicken.  It is basically a 1/2 of a chicken breast.  Perfect size.  Now, I'm not saying these are things we do all the time or that I feel like they are great nutrition options, but it just is a way to feel normal.  Luckily, AJ could care less about all the other stuff at these places.

We drove the 11 hours without a complaint from Ayden Jane and very few stops.  She rocked it!!

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