Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Look Out, Here Comes August

So as I sit here on nearly the last day of July peeking at the August Calendar it hits me.  Summer is ending fast!!!

August 6 Kayla gets home from Honduras.  Hooray!!  Can't wait to hear the stories of her adventures there.  I think in ten weeks she was able to get a true feel for the place, get bored a few times, build some great relationships, use lots of Spanish, get very attached to cute kiddos, enjoy some vacationing, totally rest her mind from school, learn to appreciate a much slower pace.... oh so many things!

August 13 Noah heads back to Coker College.  He is less than excited.  Preseason soccer in August in SC is going to be pretty brutal.  He has a great room mate set up and is happy to go see friends and start the actual soccer season.  Hopefully the transition to a new coach will go smoothly and the season will be a great one.

August 17 Kayla goes back to Clemson for her senior year!!  I can't believe she will be graduating from college in the spring.  Wow, time flies.  Hoping she has a great senior year and enjoys every minute of it.

August 20 Mckenna and Ayden Jane head back to school.  Mckenna to 8th grade and Ayden Jane to first grade.  Both are returning to the same schools they were in last year but the new school year who will I have for a teacher, who will be in my class excitement is building.

As for me?  I do not yet have a contract to return to teaching but I trusting God to pull that one together for me in his timing.

Well, Gary is working hard on the grill after hours at the beach and the pool, so at least summer isn't over quite yet!!  I am going to enjoy this summer right up to the wire.  This one has flown and I am not quite ready to trade bathing suits for new school clothes or bare feet for school shoes just yet!

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