Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Swim - Season 1

So last summer we tried to teach Ayden Jane the backstroke.  She was convinced she could do it but honestly, she just moved her arms the same as you do for freestyle, only she was on her back.  As in, she was rotating her arms forward and as hard as we tried she just couldn't make her arms go in circles backwards for more than a turn or two.  It was pretty comical...

This summer Ayden Jane was a little bigger, a little stronger and a little more coordinated.  She worked on freestyle, learned the backstroke and is on her way to learning the breaststroke. 

Even more awesome is that Jen (PT) has been really impressed with Ayden Jane's gains overall since she has been swimming.  In fact, we are cutting back PT to once a month maintenance in the fall!!  That is a huge step as she has had Jen by her side weekly since she was 5 months old.  Jen taught her to crawl, walk, jump, climb, ride a bike .... so many things.  She has also kept a close eye on her scoliosis and helped reduce it from 23 degrees to straight!! She has managed orthotics and the crazy internally rotating hip and a host of other little things that she caught so early that she fixed them right up. Honestly, I am a bit nervous letting her go!!!

I have appreciated her approach to PT.  Once we hit the major developmental milestones, she made transitioning to community sports and activities the goal.  As the video of her swimming and the soccer season she had last spring attest to.  She is successfully participating in community based sports with her peers.

So glad she will keep us on as a consult and keep her eye that knows Ayden Jane so well on her once a month.  She has truly been amazing as a therapist and friend and never looked at Ayden Jane as a kiddo with limits.  Luckily, our girls are the same age and I will be able to cheer on her super star athletes and Ayden Jane will have a built in cheering section for whatever she does.

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