Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mission One Accomplished

So last Thursday Ayden Jane did it!  She raced in her first swim meet.  It was wonderful. 

It's sort of odd, but mostly wonderful being the parent watching a kiddo like AJ.  Okay, that will take me a minute to explain.  Let's start by saying that I am used to being the mom that has the really talented athlete who is competitive and wants to win...  I am athletic and competitive and enjoy getting into the competition of these sorts of things and watching my kids enjoy the competition.  I looked around at the meet and watched as other parents looked up their child's times and compared them and ....

Watching Ayden Jane climb up on that block and knowing all that has gone into that feat alone just makes me smile.  Ayden Jane has not a care in the world.  She knows that she is going to swim to the other end and is ready to enjoy the experience.  There is no pressure of times and competition and placing just the shear joy of watching a determined little spirit achieve an awesome, hard fought goal.

We arrived on time with no real idea of how the night would go.  She entered the pool area (inside) and went to hang out with the team on the deck.  She warmed up with them, waited for them to call her.  Talked with other girls.  Laughed at some crazy boys.  Watched a girl play minecraft. (and now wants in on the ipad).  I watched Ayden Jane.  Not one thing made her stand out from the other kids.  She did not sit off to the side and just watch.  She did not latch on to someone and drive them nuts.  She had a great time.

When she was called to go up into her heat she followed all instructions wonderfully.  When it was her turn to climb on the block for Freestyle she was steady and listened so well to coach B.  The 'gun' went off and she watched all the other kids dive in.  Then Ben told her to dive it.... and she did.  As she swam all 25 yards I found my competitive self totally just enjoying the swim.  She had arrived.  Tonight, she was just a typical 6 yr old.

This week she learned the breaststroke and is swimming Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke in the meet on Thursday!!  Go AJ!!

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