Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Grade So Far

Whew.  Never a dull moment.  So the first 3 days of school went fabulous!  Ayden Jane took her basketball and played all recess long with her new friend. (and I doubted her) She had 3 great days and her teacher seems to be an excellent match.

I picked her up a bit early on Friday to go get molds made for her new orthotics and chatted for a moment with Mrs. C. Two things I loved! First of all she said right up front, "you were right about her handwriting it is awful!" Now some people might get offended if a teacher told them their child's handwriting is awful, but what it said to me is that she is willing to be up front with Ayden Jane's weaknesses. I was very happy not to get the platitudes of all is peachy keen and all that when it's not. Secondly, she also said that even in the first 3 days Ayden Jane has made it clear that she has it all going on inside that little head of hers. So what more could I ask for than a teacher that will meet her challenges head on and already sees that just because she can't always get it out doesn't mean it isn't all in there.

So, you imagine my surprise when I got a call from the nurse at noon on the following Monday. Ayden Jane was complaining of a headache but had no fever or other symptoms.  I picked her up and she came come and took a nap.  She was not too full of energy that evening but did not seem like she was 'sick.' I sent her Tuesday morning and I got a call about 12:30.  Same deal.  Headache and then she started to say her tummy hurt.  Hmmmm.  Nurse said there is a stomach bug going around with a fever and nausea/vomiting. AJ came home and promptly took a nearly 3 hour nap!  When she woke up she look great and was full of energy. We went to horses and then she kicked a soccer ball with me at Mckenna's practice.

I sent her off to school this morning and I am hoping for no phone calls!  We shall see!

I can add that she has had homework each night this week. Some things were a struggle, but not because she doesn't understand the work, because she is sure she knows more than mom! Actually, the first night was a bit rough but by last night she had it down and it took her just a few minutes to complete.  Little by little we will get there.

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