Friday, January 23, 2015

In a Good Place

We have had a busy fall/winter! Ayden Jane has stayed amazingly healthy with her new working immune system (thank you lactoferrin), we have dropped all artificial sweeteners most of the week and we have started MCT oil. All combined it has really helped Ayden Jane continue to thrive!

We had her labs done last week and oh how I love when her doctors say they are happy with them! Everything looks great and nothing for us to change. Yippee!!

Ayden Jane is still adjusting a bit to the MCT. Definitely taking longer than I had expected. I figured if I was staying at the same dose she would level out pretty quickly. At this point I think I need to just get used to our new normal. Loads of energy and an increase in volume. The best part, though is that she is continuing to improve with getting her big ideas down on paper. Yay! The letters are coming much more quickly. Much less erasing. Much less brain power needed to focus to make them leaving more ability to remember what she is trying to say. (well, at least that's what is seems like on the outside)

In other news, the swim team Ayden Jane had been swimming with in the fall lost it's aquatics director. No coach, no training... Ayden Jane loves swimming so much so I went on a search to find another place for her to swim. She has trained 3 times with the new team and wow! She works hard! It is definitely a bump up in level and she is a little frustrated that she is not as fast as the others, but talk about a workout.

Honestly, after I watched her the first night I was amazed. Tons of kids, she did not know a soul, loud environment of an echoey indoor pool, loud music playing over the din, new equipment, new adults giving direction, lots and lots of swimming, going off the blocks... She just kept on going, kept on doing her best. I was a little nervous after practice to ask her if she liked it because I thought she must be exhausted.  She loved it.

So, first semester of grade 1 is in the books and was successful. Second half of first grade is just beginning and looking great! I know that Ayden Jane is healthy on the inside. Her writing is improving daily and doing math with her the other night was impressive! We have zero food issues as she knows what she can and cannot eat and wants to be healthy and feel good.

I guess you could say we are in a good place. I am hoping a bit of weight may drop off, but she is tracking right along with her siblings so in a lot of ways I think she is just right where she is supposed to be.  

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