Friday, January 9, 2015

More on MCT

So as I said on the last post, it is recommended to start very low and raise slowly when using MCT oil. I know this to be true because I did not listen!

My biggest concern was with gut issues. Since she was not having any problem there I went ahead and upped her dose quickly to get it where I wanted over Christmas break.  First bump proved to cause a few sleepless nights. Second bump a bit more of the same.

Dr. M told me to slow down or Ayden Jane would get exhausted. Yep. She was right. The big bumps in MCT had Ayden Jane running 1000 mph. Constant activity, over firing brain, running into things, bouncing, squeezing, seeking.... And then the crash. Over emotional. Oh the drama... then crying herself to sleep at 5 pm, woke up at 7:30 and had a bit of supper and asked to go to bed!  She slept through until 6:30 this morning and wow!!  Back into high gear.

I am hoping she was not predicting this would happen over and over... I guess I'll find out!

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