Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Tortoise

I was chatting with a friend, a fellow PWS mom, and I mentioned casually the incredible fighting spirit the kids with PWS have. I'm not sure if fighting spirit is totally right, but there is definitely a never give up attitude.

I started to think about it and I could just picture so many little ones with PWS that I have come to love and I just see the "can do" spirit in them. I don't know if that statement applies to lots of kids that grow up with medical issues.  Sort of like a by product of all the love and care and work poured into them. What I do know is that it only takes a short time of hanging with them to see it.

There are times when I just stop and watch Ayden Jane in awe. I mean, she can do so much, but I know the amount of extra effort learning all those things took. Even things the rest of us take for granted like controlling her body to walk, run, jump, kick, throw and catch a ball... The amazing gift of spoken language.  Let alone the extra effort it takes to achieve in school. Nothing comes easy, well nothing other than laughter and joy.

I was thinking about all of this tonight as I watched her in swim team.  She has started a new, more competitive team and tonight was her second night. She is the youngest and definitely has a ways to go, but she worked so hard.  She gives everything she has and tries anything they ask her to. No fear! She just goes after everything like she knows that she can do it. If she can't do it yet, she just keeps trying and knows she will eventually.

Okay, I admit there have been a few things that she started to wonder if she would be able to do and it was not fun. But, that attitude of giving her best toward everything she does and working through life like the tortoise, slow and steady. It is an amazing thing to behold. No doubt, in the end she will win the race.

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