Tuesday, January 13, 2015

MCT Oil Continues to Make Improvements

 I started MCT oil over Christmas break. As I said in previous posts I pushed hard and went up way faster than I likely should have and we did pay with a few consequences.  Mainly Ayden Jane running 1000 mph and then crashing...

I managed to push the dose to where I wanted and then it was time to just let the effects settle in. I have always known that that her brain worked extremely well on fats.  That's one thing that is easy with her, you can see on the outside what effects different things are having on the inside.  When she was little it was avocados, almonds and nut butters.  Later I added coconut oil and was more intentional in what I was doing because I was learning the why's behind the effects. (if you are super interested or just can't get to sleep one night you can go back to the beginning of this 7 year journey and read how it unfolded).

I posted 2 pictures of Ayden Jane's writing. They look much like the comparison of the beginning of school and the end of the year.  They are lists Ayden Jane wrote of her weekly spelling words. Each was done the first night with the new words, so no practice.

Here is the amazing part. The first one was Monday January, 5.  It was the first day of getting Ayden Jane on the full dose of MCT oil.  As the week went on I saw some improvements in her writing which I thought was remarkable enough.  After all, we have struggled with writing for what seems like FOREVER.  (okay, she is only 7, but as AJ would say, "I have worked on this my whole life!")

The second picture was taken January, 12. That's right, just one week apart!! I keep staring at them. The brain/neurological system is fascinating! This shows me once again that the abilities are all in there.  The connections are there if I can just keep finding ways to fuel that brain.

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