Friday, January 1, 2016

Off to a Good Start

Just a quick note. You know your PWS kid is back on track when she cries because you make her come in for lunch and it's after 1:00. (not to mention she left food on her plate at breakfast) Then after you have convinced her to eat a little, her brother makes pancakes and eggs and she doesn't even ask for any!!

She sat at the table with Noah and Mckenna as they ate pancakes and eggs with lots of syrup ect. and made a list for us to go to the grocery store. Now, I admit she was have a grand time putting things on the list like a bicycle and a bunny.... Silly girl.

Wow. Still amazed what consistent quality food, supplements and exercise do for Ayden Jane. Bubbling over with energy, happy, leaving food on her plate, enjoying friends, relaxed... I could go on and on.

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