Thursday, February 16, 2017

Day 1

So. Much. Energy! Well, I know that Ayden Jane typically has huge responses to changes in her energy stream but even with that knowledge I was not prepared for today. And maybe her excitement over Pitolisant played a part as well?

We gave Ayden Jane her first dose at 6:15 this morning. She headed off to school ready to enjoy her day. Reports from school were great. Mrs. H checked on her here and there since her regular classroom teacher was absent today. She knows her well and saw some subtle differences in expression which was pretty cool. 

We unexpectedly picked Ayden Jane up early because her amazing PT, Mrs. Jen had a cancellation and we have been wanting her to take a peek at her scoliosis and help us plan a bit. AJ had a snack and then went out to play while she waited. She had lots of energy. which is not super odd, but it was right after school which is when she typically has a sort of afternoon lull. I didn't think too much of it since Mrs. Jen was there and we talked scoliosis. - (putting a few little things in place to hopefully turn things around)

After Jen was done with her, Ayden Jane started playing happily around the house. I took Mckenna to an appointment and returned with a rotisserie chicken and some fruit for supper. Mckenna had to eat right away so she could go to her game. It was nearing 5 which is when AJ often will decide she wants supper, especially if she sees me fixing some for somebody else. She looked at it and went back to playing. Mckenna ate, I ate, Ayden Jane played. At 5:30 I dropped MJ off at soccer and went back to work. Gary and she finally ate around 6:15 before Mckenna's game but so strange how she was just not worried about it.

I met up with them again at the game and Ayden Jane went wide open for nearly 2 hours. She did not seem a step behind, as usual but maybe I was just hoping. I guess time will tell.

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