Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Getting Exciting

We applied for Pitolisant just a couple weeks ago. Hard to believe I received an email from UPS today that Ayden Jane's Wakix has made it through the border and is in the hands of UPS. I don't have a delivery day yet but I am guessing either Friday or Monday. Yay!!

I am hoping it will come on Friday because it would be great to start her on the weekend when I am with her. I am so lucky to have an awesome situation at school that I have no need to worry about Ayden Jane trying the drug out there. I just really want to be 'see for myself'. Of course, we are starting the dose low so I don't expect anything shocking right off the bat but I am so very, very, curious!!

Today Ayden Jane's OT did an evaluation to get a baseline before Wakix. Next up the school psychologist is going to do a few processing speed and executive function tests on Friday. Slipping them all in just in time! The hope is that Wakix will make a significant impact in these areas and we will be able to capture that impact in numbers. 

Stay tuned!

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