Sunday, February 19, 2017

Day 4

Morning is the first test. Ayden Jane woke up a bit early and went back to bed.... Not as bad as it gets sometimes but not sleeping in like she had the past couple days. On the flipside, she also did not fall back to sleep and was easy and full of energy all morning.

My only drawback to Pitolisant so far is that Ayden Jane is more hungry. Now that could panic some parents but I'm really okay with it at this point. It's not that she is super hungry, it's more that she asked for a snack when she typically wouldn't. She wanted supper very early. I think there is some sort of shifting going on in there and she is struggling to figure out her bodies clues.

I asked her tonight how she liked Pitolisant so far. If she thought it was good, or bad, or didn't really make a difference. She said: I like it. It's good. So I asked her why. Her answer: I sleep better and have more energy. Not run around energy but I don't feel like I might fall asleep. I am taking that as pretty significant. I feel sort of bad because I had no idea she was sleeping so poorly or that she went through her day trying not to fall asleep!

She had her first blip tonight as she melted down at church club but I'm not entirely sure that had anything to do with the Pitolisant. More to do with driven kid who was not properly prepared. The church leaders love her though and were patient. Hoping she will knock their socks off in a few weeks.

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