Monday, February 27, 2017

PWS and Illness

Ayden Jane has been super healthy for ... well, honestly, years. We were going on 2 years infection free. Wow did AJ break that streak in a big way.

Last Wednesday she started with a cold. It seemed simple enough, she didn't feel well and Gary got a call from the school nurse. By Thursday, full on fever had arrived along with congestion. The fever ran it's course and was gone by Friday evening. I took her into the pediatrician Saturday morning just so he could have a listen to be safe. He gave her the all clear sign and sent us on our way.

Then this morning, Monday, the momma ears knew there was more to this. I called and made an appointment back at the pediatrician, he took one look at her and sent us to the ER. I spent the next several hours watching her struggle, a fever begin and climb rapidly over 102 and listening to her gasp. Finally, meds on board she came around.

It's amazing to see how fast she went down. I wouldn't believe it if I had not witnessed it. Good news is she will likely bounce right back just as quickly because this kid is tough. I am excited to be on the mend and get back to seeing how Pitolisant brings out the best in her.

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