Thursday, February 23, 2017

Week One Done

As we end week one on Pitolisant/Wakix I am really excited about some results. I don't have too many to report because week one got side tracked with illness. Ayden Jane is entirely pitiful and it seems one of the nasty things that has been going around for months has finally caught up with her.

I will wrap up how things went up until yesterday. The 4-5:30 wakings seemed to have gone away. She settled into waking at around 6 or so, when I would be sure to slip her the Wakix. Then she would fall back asleep for a little while. Finally, she woke at 6 or so and stayed up with no afternoon lag either! The evening was still a bit short as by 7 she was deciding to go to bed, but she did so without that slow brain, eyelids half open look.

The report from school on Tuesday (the day before she got sick) was great. Her teacher, Mrs. M, noted improvements transitioning, more focus during math which is a time of day she typically struggles with and a general calmness she had not seen all year. I wish we had been able to put all that to a longer test as one day could be, just a good day.

After school, she had a bit of chill time but it was more a typical kid after school. Not a temporary shut down like happens often. She popped up to do her homework earlier, finished it quickly and then decided to do the entire week's worth of language, just to get it done.

So... I am torn. I truly feel like we are on the right track with Pitolisant, I want to get really excited about school. I want to hope homework evenings will be a breeze from here on out. I want to believe that she will sleep through and maybe even sleep in a bit once in a while.

On the other hand, I can't get too excited yet. It's too soon!!!

So for now, we will go to 9.0 but I don't think I will have anything to report that is a result of Pitolisant until after this awful cold goes away. 

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