Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sorting Out What's What

Sorting out cause for effect. It is not so straight forward. Here is what I know.

Past: Ayden Jane would get sick and recovery was a long slow process.
Now: Ayden Jane recovered amazingly well. Back in action the very evening she was released from the hospital.

Past: (well, I'd say November to the start of Pitolisant) Every day was a rush to get everything Ayden Jane needed packed in before 6 pm because any moment there after she may shut down. That shut down coming in all forms, the "stand and stare", the argue until Mom's head explodes, give in where ever you are planted and go to sleep, tell me "my brain is no longer working" and go to bed.

Now: Brain is working strong all day long with no after school recovery period and bed time more like 8-8:30. Ayden Jane went to Mckenna's soccer game last night and even ran up and down the sidelines as a ball girl for the second half. We did not get home until almost 9:00 and sure, AJ was tired, but it was typical kid tired.

Past: Ayden Jane had to have supper by 5 as her energy was crashing. She could not handle sleep tank and food tank empty. So either we all had to eat by 5 or just have more than one supper.

Now: We went to dinner at about 6 pm which translates into food around 6:30 and chatting until 7:30. I thought about it on the way and we could not have done that prior to pitolisant. Not on a school night. It's a simple thing, but it was the only night we could all do dinner together while Noah is home on spring break. She was able to keep up with the conversation, play games with Noah and enjoy the whole evening.

So, helping her recover from illness, increased wakefulness and pushing bed time back by 2 hours? I count them as positive effects of Pitolisant. 

Negative effects? She is "feeling her oats" at times and gets quite sassy. Well, she has always had the need to argue, but now she is quicker minded and argues more effectively. It is aggravating. She is even taking on new challenges like her teacher! Luckily Mrs. M will let her know where that line is and not allow her to learn any new habits.

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