Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Good Computer, Bad Wifi

At times, I need to sum up Ayden Jane's brain for people. The other day this analogy came to me. It is as if Ayden Jane's brain is an excellent computer. She is smart and can connect things well. She loves to learn and has some great skills. She is capable of learning everything she needs to learn to do very well in school.

So why does she have days/times where it seems she is very smart and days/times when she seems to struggle academically or to even put together a sentence?

I think the best description is that she has a good computer (brain), but the wifi is not always great.

-Sometimes it is all in there but waiting for her to respond, or "load the page", is like watching that little circle on your computer spin as say loading.

-Sometimes that loading sign means she has taken in more information than she can process and she needs time for all of it to file in the right slots.

-Sometimes that loading sign means she wants to concentrate on the words you are saying but her brain can't turn off the uncomfortable feeling of her shoes, or how hot she feels, or the background noise you don't even notice, or the new decorations on the wall, or.... you get the picture.

-Sometimes that loading sign means she is running low on food for her brain.

-Sometimes that loading sign means she is just plain too tired to summon the extra effort it takes to process the information you are sending her way.

I have to admit, I love the days were information process quickly and she can learn complicated things with ease. Oh how I love it when anything comes with ease for her.

I need to remind myself sometimes, when I am frustrated with that spinning circle, that it has to be even more frustrating for her. 

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