Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Settling In

Ayden Jane is doing great. It took so long to get her back on track, and I'm sure there will still be some bumps, but hopefully we have turned the corner toward summer and consistent improvement.

After school she is soaking up any learning I can pour into her. Last night it was fractions. Equivalent fraction, ordering fractions, comparing fractions.... As she grasped one concept and was doing the practice she would say, "when I am done with this, there is another part I have a question about." I was tired and finally told her no more. I had to make her go play.

She also had a great practice at swim team. Her stroke looked really smooth and coordinated. It is so strange how you can even see in her movements when things are on or off track with her. There is a balance that, when maintained, allows her to think and move well. It seems to be immune related as it always falls apart when she is sick. Beyond that, maybe, inflammation? Gut? Nutrition? So many things to keep in check and no real way to know which one/ones are struggling when she struggles.

It is so frustrating to watch her and know that "something" s off. Know that she is getting stuck when she shouldn't be. Know that she is hearing but not comprehending. Know that she has things to say she can't express. Know that she is struggling to relate to her friends when she shouldn't be. Know that she wants to get out there and be active and do... but her body is just too tired. We are coming out of two plus months of this and finally seeing the balance return.

Soon the ocean and the pool will begin to warm up. The sun will shine and the days will be warm. Lots of surfing and boogie boarding and playing and getting pounded by waves. Lots of sunshine and fresh air and time to play with friends. Afternoons at the pool playing sharks and minnows or categories or who knows what else with other kids she meets there.

Oh summer. WE MISS YOU.

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