Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fingers Crossed

Well, I am a bit afraid to say it out loud, but I think Ayden Jane is returning to 'normal'. Not sure what that means, but it makes me happy. We had a pleasant day on the soccer sidelines today. She traveled well, played well at the playground, handled food like a champ... Was just easy.

When we got home she played outside for quite a while. It was dark, but with the Christmas lights on the trampoline just played. She was in and out a lot, but I didn't pay much attention. It was so cute when I finally went out to see just what she was doing. I took one look at the trampoline and had to laugh. It was covered with, well, everything. She had lugged stools and a stroller, babies and balls, she even had batteries out there. When I asked what all the stuff was for she told me that the little girl (one of her toys) was having a party. It was a lot of work and adorable. I tried to take pictures before we brought it all in, but it just wouldn't work.

I wish I could figure out what causes the difference in Ayden Jane when she is sick. It just has me fascinated. Sure is nice to be on this side though. We are looking at the start of Noah's basketball season and lots of Christmas things to do. Not sure I could handle it all with the out of control AJ of the past couple of weeks.

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