Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Like This Kid!

Wow! Ayden Jane is dramatically different! She had her moments yesterday, but I'll gladly take it over the behavior of the days prior.

Last night Gary was off from work so we decided to head up to the mall with AJ and Mckenna. It is actually a bit of a hike from where we live and we have never gone there often, but rarely would be the word to describe it since AJ entered our lives. She always hated the stroller, wanted to walk (at the speed of .001 mph), stare overwhelmed at everything and has NO fear of wandering off. Not that she would talk to strangers or even consider going willingly with someone she does not know, but if she sees something interesting... zoom! She suddenly moves at the speed of light and as quiet as a ninja. She can vanish in the time it takes you to blink! She also has this amazing ability to slip through a crowd, dodging everyone.

So, last night we decided to risk it with AJ feeling a bit better and quite a bit older. She was awesome. She did not get upset about not buying everything she liked. (lots of prep work on that one of course) She walked the entire time staying right with us and asking to go see things that interested her. Whew! She had a great time which, of course, means we all had a great time.

It's funny how little things make or break your sense of ever feeling 'normal'. I am sure it is the same with all families with special needs kids. Things as simple as Christmas shopping as a family and enjoying it.

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