Friday, November 25, 2011


I wish I felt, at the moment, like writing a glowing epistle of how thankful I am for all our blessings. I am sure I could start and pull off a truly convincing post and I would mean every word. At the heart of it all, I recognize how blessed we are with family, friends, jobs and of course how well (in general) Ayden Jane is doing. How did I truly feel at the end of Thanksgiving?

Like holidays will never be good again. Okay, that's harsh. Maybe more like they will never be easy again. I definitely see the need to change how we 'do' Thanksgiving. I, actually, have had it ridiculously easy for Thanksgiving. My mom takes care of the meal at her house and we just go spend the day, relax and enjoy talking, football and food. We try to clean up a bit after the meal so my mom can relax a too. Peaceful, quiet...

Enter Ayden Jane. It's not even really the food that is the challenge. Ayden Jane was really pretty good about that. She is just so high maintenance. She is a busy little thing that has a really hard time just hanging around. I spent the better part of the day dealing with all things AJ. By the end of the night she was attached to me like velcro and her behavior was getting pretty crazy. In the end, she completely lost it and we left in tears. Happy Thanksgiving.

I am thinking that some serious outdoor activity is going to have to be priority for the first half of Thanksgiving Day. This year we were distracted with the need to pick up some new furniture, so there was car seat time and sit around time, although there was some time at home with swings and trampoline available. I also know that AJ is not really herself yet. She is feeling better, but her little system has not yet returned to proper balance. Basically, she is a sensory seeking, energy filled tornado of activity. Just can't bottle that up all day and have it end well.

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