Friday, November 4, 2011

Small Acts of Kindness

Not sure where this post is going to go, just feel like there is much to say.

First up is preschool. Ayden Jane loves her preschool and I love how loved she is when she is there. She is blessed with a teacher that see all that she CAN do and is patient when AJ tries to tell long stories and gets stuck. You know, like the old record players did. Ayden Jane is tenacious when it comes to getting her point across, but it requires patience on the part of the listener and when you have a classroom of little people I am sure it is hard to just let the world go on around you and wait for her to get it out.

I went inside today to pick up AJ because I had a couple of little things to take care of. When I did so, I got to chatting with her teachers. The conversation turned to how great AJ is doing and how she is right there with all her peers. It's funny, I almost cannot believe them. I mean, my job is to find all the weaknesses and work on them. How can that translate to her being right with the pack? Surely they are missing something. Yes, I, apparently, have also been brainwashed by therapy.

Then there are the other parents. We (PWS parents) all know that Halloween pretty much stinks as far as holidays go for PWS. It was amazing, though, when I went through the little bags Ayden Jane brought home from school. One bag had playdoh and some tatoos. There was a little bendy black cat and some purple vampire teeth from someone else. The one that really made me smile was the one with a little orange Halloween pad and pen, something else I can't think of right now and 2 small pieces of dark chocolate. Why does that melt my heart?

The mom who put this together called me about the party. I told her we were not able to come but thanked her for checking. (we had a genetics appointment) She didn't stop there. She went on to tell me how sweet AJ is and how she loves to chat with her. She asked me, politely, why AJ has dietary restrictions... I answered and she kept asking questions and truly wanted to know. No glazed over eyes or other signs of 'too much info'. Then, she showed how she had listened by going out and getting something special she knew AJ could have.

As heart warming as that is, what is more amazing is that she is not the first or only mom who has been so kind to us. Who has reached out beyond their own hectic days of raising little ones to do something extra special for AJ.

Somehow, I need to find a way to let all these people know what there small acts of kindness mean. They do it so openly, they truly could not imagine being any other way. I don't think they have any idea the lack of kindness and even cruelty out there for special needs kids. Or just the stress that exists when you raise a special needs kid. I guess that's what makes it so amazing. They are just wonderful, caring people who God has placed in our lives. I can only hope that one day, I can find a way to give them a glimpse of what they mean to our lives. Then, hopefully, get my own life organized enough to do the little things for others.

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