Thursday, November 3, 2011

Phone Talk

I ended up working a bit late tonight so when I got out I called Gary to see what they were up to. Mckenna actually answered the phone and we chatted for a minute. Then Gary got on the phone and we chatted. When he was done we had our plan of attack arranged and he hung up.

Shortly after that the phone rang. It was Gary calling me back. I figured he just thought of something else, but instead, Ayden Jane was obviously feeling left out. She wanted to talk on the phone too.

When we talk, I get so much of what she says by expression or context I did not know if I would catch what she was talking about on the phone. I mean, I have never talked to her on the phone, she is always with me. She was so cute. She told me a few things about her day and sounded so grown up. Honestly, she sounded like Mckenna! It was amazing. Made my day.

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