Sunday, January 15, 2012

Busy Family

Before I forget, here are couple of Ayden Jane phrases.  When the dog comes by while she's eating she will say, "Sadie's eyein' on my food".  Another favorite is when she is in the car seat and getting sleepy.  She will tell me, "Mom, I'm just gonna warm my head up.  Okay?"  What does that mean you say?  It means she is tired, but refusing to admit it.  She is going to just lean her head against the side of her car seat which in her mind is, 'just warming up her head'.  See?  Makes perfect sense.

This week everything gets back in full swing.  We will be heading to Mckenna's soccer practice Mon. and Thurs.  Ayden Jane loves this because the fields have a great playground.  Noah still has a couple of High School basketball games a week which will just turn into soccer games at season's end and Ayden Jane has ST, PT and horseback riding.

For now, I am still working Tue. and Thurs., although that only goes for a few more weeks.  (I have some other things in the works but I'm not talking yet)  A few more weeks and we can add Gary coaching JV soccer along with his regular work schedule and me getting back on the running trail.   Activity, activity, activity....

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