Saturday, January 21, 2012


Ayden Jane is a master of the question.  We actually joke that when she grows up she will be a professional interrogator because once she hones in, there is no escape.  You will eventually just tell her what she wants to hear (if you can figure out what that is) and hope she will leave you alone!

Her questions are amazing though.  The other day she asked me, "How does God love us?"  I answered because he made us... along the lines of 'why' God loves us.  She made it very clear, though, that she meant how.  Like how do we feel God, or hear God tell us He loves us...  Harder to answer for sure.  I think she just really wanted to be able to give God a hug and feel His love squeeze her deep.

She often asks questions about when she goes to college or when she doesn't live with me anymore.  Obviously this is because Kayla is at college and we have begun the college search with Noah.  I answer her questions without limitations, but it is hard to not feel sad knowing the battles she will have to win to make those things come true.  They are just expected, almost taken for granted with the other 3.

Then there are the impossible to answer questions.  Why did God make the sky blue?  Why did L's dad die? Will you die?  When?  Will you or me die first?  Why is it dark at night? Why does my body not work with sugar? Why did God make Noah a boy and me a girl? Why are you my mom and Gary my dad? Why do we have a big family? Why is water wet? Why do we grow?  Why do we go potty? Why do you love me? How much do you love me?  How much water is in the ocean?  How much doggies are there? ...  ALL DAY LONG.

My favorite, though is when she asks questions to get what she wants.  "Mom, do you want to go to McDonald's and get a drink?  I'll come with you."  Of course we all know that what she wants are apple dippers and a chance to play on the slide.

Lately she has expanded from her immediate family with the questions.  She pinned a friend who has a 3 month old the other day.  After a few minutes I did my best to rescue the mom from the onslaught.   


  1. Janet, my mom has dementia. She ask the "same" question repeatedly. "What day is today?" She will ask is 10 times in 5 min. I am spending more time with her because of dads surgery so now when I look at her a certain way she will say I already asked that, didn't I? I am happy I still have her but she is not the mother I knew. Otherwise she is healthy as a horse, per her dr on Wed. Like you, we take each day as it comes. God bless you and your little AJ...and the rest of the family too.

  2. Haha! Aubrey is EXACTLY like that but he does it to strangers too with the questions. Without inhibition. He is starting to realize that some questions could hurt someone's feelings. (I AVOID a line that has a checkout person that I"m not sure is male/female) Today was an off day with that...hoping to blog about that tomorrow.

    I LOVE the God questions! A~man has them too! they make ME think. I am so thankful he knows there is a God that loves him...just the way he is.