Monday, January 30, 2012

Upcoming IEP

Yep.  Time to make preparations for next school year.  As it stands, Ayden Jane receives only speech services through the school district.  She receives PT (with some OT) privately from the awesome Mrs. Jen.  I asked at the school today when we were there for speech, what the process is for us to add OT next year.

Mrs. Rogers who is her speech teacher and the director of her IEP, will start the ball rolling by contacting those in charge of evaluations....  As I understand it, there is a form that our Dr. will need complete and then she will be on the list to be tested.  Step one will be a breeze.  I have lots of Drs. that will fill out the form.  I am a little concerned about her qualifying though.

I am not really sure what skills she should or shouldn't have at this age and I am not really looking for OT because I think that we are drastically behind.  I just see her trying to get the hang of coloring and writing and needing help.  I am being proactive and do not want to wait until she is painfully behind, I want to head it off at the pass.  We will see whether this approach is considered a valid one.  I think my chances are pretty good with the PWS diagnosis and the fact that I have not 'over asked' for services thus far.  Ayden Jane has just proved to be so responsive to therapy that I know it will be time well spent.  (It doesn't hurt that I have worked as a special ed. teacher for the district either.)

Wish us luck.

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