Monday, January 23, 2012

Dr. Mom

Ayden Jane is great in some ways, but there is definitely something still going on that I just can't get to the bottom of.  She is on her second course of antibiotic and the quantity of stuff coming out of her has significantly waned, but a nasty cough keeps lingering.  Basically, she acts perfectly normal (for her) and then 2 or 3 times a day goes into a yucky cough and brings up nasty, thick, yellow/green crud.

Not sure if we just kept killing 80 percent of the infection so this back to back courses of antibiotics will do the trick.  Or if it is a combination of constant allergy goo on top of the infection just not allowing her to clear everything or something I just haven't thought of yet.

I am taking her to a pediatric allergist/immunologist Feb. 2 to see if we can get to the root of anything triggering the problem.  Then we have our scheduled endocrinology appointment with Dr. Clark Feb. 16 so the plan is to just keep AJ on the rest of this course of antibiotic and Zyrtec until told otherwise.

I am comfortable with this plan, but not liking the old feeling of such responsibility for her medical decisions.  Primary care is not really involved at this point as we were basically told at that appointment they were not concerned.  Not really fair on my part since it was not our usual pediatrician, but I sort of just defaulted to Dr. Clark who is 2 hours away...  I will be glad when this one is solved!!

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