Sunday, January 1, 2012

Healthy New Year

So I have not updated on how the illness of Oct. - Nov. has played out.  Ayden Jane has continued to recover and even just this morning as she was running around nakey while changing clothes  (she would still love to live in a nudest colony) Gary just looked at her and remarked on how totally different her 'shape' is.  The belly was flat and the muscles are again noticeable.  Her attitude is great and she is so stinkin' funny and quick witted!  (I will get to that).  She can again walk past food and not care, she leaves food on her plate at meals and when she asks for snacks, it is usually past time for one!  She has soooo much energy I feel like we spend our days trying to provide enough activity to satisfy her.  She is sleeping well, dry through the night and pretty easy going.  Oh how I hope things stay this way!!!

So, what have I learned?  First of all, after reviewing past illness... I have come to a few conclusions:

1.  Ayden Jane mounts a pretty typical response to viral illness.  She has fever, aches or pain...  Her body knows it is under assault and can fight back pretty well.

2.  She does not respond typically to bacterial infection.  No fever, no complaints of pain, just gradually starts to act unlike herself.  I now know for sure that there will not be typical signs when infection is involved and will not wait!  Also, because she does not respond properly to infection, we will add steroids when antibiotics are warranted.

3.  Ayden Jane has seasonal allergies.  Not a shocker with family histories and not really bad allergies.  Just enough that she gets congested, cannot clear it and it turns bacterial.  She also had a patch of extremely dry skin, possibly eczema.  We started her on an antihistamine and it seems to be doing the trick as she has stayed slightly congested through the month of Dec., but it is staying clear and she is getting healthier.

Here is to a healthy New Year.

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