Saturday, January 14, 2012


Today was day 3 of antibiotic/steroid meds and pushing liquid.  Crazy how much crud is in her.  Good news?  Ayden Jane has learned to cough productively.  Sad to listen to, and disgusting as she gets it out, but we will count it as good news.

After she woke up from her late nap today she was hilarious.  It was a house full as Noah and a friend were watching football and Mckenna and a friend were having a nerf gun war.  Ayden Jane was sitting on a chair sipping out of her new cup (part of the push for liquids).  She was doing her best to be the center of attention by being loud and goofy and teasing Noah.  So glad to 'have her back'.  (and detached from me)

Ayden Jane was doing her best teenager interpretation.  I started to list the phrases, but they are just not funny without the teenage attitude that goes with them!  Just pretend you are a teen and use the words: whatever, really? dude, seriously.... now picture a 4 year old talking like that to two 17 year old boys.  That's as close a picture as I can paint!  Oh, don't forget the nerf darts flying past...

I am planning to start giving Ayden Jane Zyrtec.  I am not excited about it.  It tends to cause drowsiness, not a great plan for PWS and it is one MORE thing I will be pumping into her system.  Uggg.  I just don't really see any other options at the moment.  I am making an appointment with an allergist for more ideas in the future, but at the recommendation of Dr. Clark, we will give Zyrtec a try while I wait.

Okay, enough of the sick, medical... blogs.  Next one is going to be, well, not medical.  Enough already.

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