Monday, February 25, 2013

Ayden Jane and Noah

Ayden Jane has, quite possibly, the best big brother in the world.  He loves her and does lots of things with her.  They are also jointly responsible for us keeping Tucker.  A lively springer spaniel that we had been 'fostering' for a friend.  The family came to conclusion that they simply could not take the dog back.  There was another offer for him and the joint outcry from Noah and AJ led us to keeping him... for good.

If you look closely by AJ's left knee you can see a black and white dog in the water.  Noah took the picture at the pond in our neighborhood.  Tucker loves to fetch sticks out of the water.

Here they are just clowning around.  Not sure where they were, but I love that my big kids have taught Ayden Jane how to take such cute pictures. LOL.

The caption Noah put under this instagram read,  Ayden Jane does not share the spot light well.  Oh soooo true.

It will be tough on AJ when Noah heads off to college next fall!!

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