Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day and Endo Visit

I know Valentine's and an Endo visit don't have anything in common, but in our lives they were just a day apart so I am putting them together.

The best part of Valentine's Day was that Ayden Jane wrote her name on all her Valentine's!!!  By the end of it she was able to make a pretty good AJ.  Well, sometimes it was JA and sometimes the "J" hooked the opposite way but it was still a huge accomplishment!!

Her school did the typical party but AJ is totally unconcerned about the candy Yea!  They had way too much food at the party Boo.  Her teacher did a great job helping AJ navigate quantity, Yea!  They served pink lemonade to drink, Boo.  AJ asked her teacher if it was sugar and happily drank water, Yea!  An awesome party mom went out of her way to make a few dark chocolate dipped strawberries so AJ would have something special, oober yea!

Okay, on to our Endocrinology appointment.  In the end Ayden Jane is still a bit heavier than she should be for her height.  That does not excite me, but the good news is that the recent bump in gh has BEGUN to change the shape and tone of her body back toward where she was a year and a half ago.  (lean and muscular)  We only increased slightly in Dec. so we are going to go bump up another 0.1.  That makes her current dose 0.7.  That is still low for her weight and just brings it back up to the dose she was on a year and a half ago.  Since it it weight based even getting back to 0.7 leaves her quite under dosed.

So, after a deep cleansing breath I think we have put last winter behind us.  I think she has corrected whatever was thrown out of balance last winter with time, hard work and the help of PharmaNAC to handle her odd immune system.  We have all the major food holidays behind us and the promise of lots of outside time on the horizon.  We are increasing her gh now and hopefully again in April when we get levels... checked at the sibling study when we see Dr. Miller next.  Let the muscle build!

Also on the upswing has been her energy.  Over the past month we are getting to the point where naps are a thing of the past.  Not to say that she never falls asleep in the car or where ever when necessary, but more of a quick power nap like most kids her age might take.

I go back to Dr. Clark before Ayden Jane starts school next fall and hopefully we will have the numbers to back up a full recovery and an unstoppable future.

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