Thursday, February 7, 2013


Yesterday Gary and I had the privileged of visiting Coker College where Noah will attend next fall.  Noah went for a few days last fall to work out with the soccer team and check it out but Gary and I had not yet seen it.  We felt like before we had him sign his letter of intent and send in a deposit, we should at least see the place!

Here is the link: Coker College

It was awesome.  It is small, but strong academically and has a very active campus.  The facilities are very nice and there are some amazing expansion plans under construction that Noah will reap the benefits of.  Mainly a new Wellness Center which will be right up Noah's alley.  Also a village of new dorms being built one year at a time with the first completed by next August.

The soccer coach, who will be a big part of Noah's life, is a great guy.  He is the sort of coach you are happy to pass your son off to.  He has high expectations on and off the field and is not only in the business of winning soccer games but also developing quality individuals who are equipped to be successful in life.

We have prayed our way through this process.  Asking for God to give Noah wisdom as he looks at all the options and a real peace about the right choice.  Check.  Asking for God to work out the financial side.  Scholarships are mounting :)

On the way home Gary and I basically talked about all the ways that we see Coker as a great fit for Noah.  He will be off to a land of opportunity next fall and we can now pray for him to take advantage of every one of them!

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