Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sweet Spot

All the therapies and exercise and supplements and gh and .... are a constant monitor and adjust game with the goal of finding the ever illusive sweet spot.  I'd have to say that, for this week anyway, we have found it!!

Lot's of discussion lately about the need for iron along with the b12 made me remember to give AJ her iron.  Pardon the discussion, but too much iron backs her up.  So, I do my best to give her as much as I can without causing that problem.  I'd could say that that is ___ per day, but it doesn't seem to work that way.  So many other things play into it like what her diet has been like or how much good clear liquid she has been drinking or how much good hard exercise.

Basically, every other or every 3rd day seems to do the trick without causing issues.  Of course, that requires me to remember ....  You see the problem.

Anyway, I have given her a few good doses of iron and last Friday we were bumped up to 0.7 gh.  That means the first increase was about 2 months ago and now we are on our second increase.

The results?  Jen and I talked, during PT, about how different her brain is working.  She does not get stuck on a topic and her verbal skills are amazing.  (and non stop)  Jen missed last week and has not seen as much of AJ outside of PT so she really noticed.  Just a big cognitive/verbal/conversational spurt.  The other HUGE thing is that when Jen pushed her a little too far for AJ's liking, AJ started to throw up the defenses and panic/flee.  Within 30 seconds she pulled herself back together and went right back at it.  It is hard to describe how big that is.  Generally speaking, when a child with PWS or autism or other sensory processing issues starts down that slippery slope there is no stopping them mid slide.  Ya sort of just have to ride it out until they come to the bottom of the hill.  Absolutely HUGE that Ayden Jane has begun to be able to reason, gather herself and stop her down slide.  (She has done the same a few other times in the past couple of weeks)

So hooray for the sweet spot and may we stay in it a while!!

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