Friday, February 1, 2013

So Smart

Tonight we went to a local pizza shop.  Mckenna had won a free pizza with her straight A report card.  The place has pizza, sandwiches, wings... and a salad bar.  Ayden Jane ate salad with me and a few pepperoni's from Mckenna's pizza and was thrilled.

That's all well and good, but here is why it is post worthy!  A woman in the store was enchanted by Ayden Jane.  AJ was doing her usual discussion and analysis of, I don't even remember what anymore.  The woman obviously found her adorable and encouraged her.  Well, that led to an interesting conversation!  After the woman spoke to Ayden Jane she turned to me.  She asked what grade AJ was in and I told her that she will go to Kindergarten next year.  Her response, "she is not even in Kindergarten yet?  She is so smart!  She may just have to skip a grade or two.  I haven't had such a delightful conversation in a long time."

Yep. That sound you heard earlier this evening was my jaw hitting the floor, followed by silence!  At that moment, my mind ran from trying to figure out whether I should just be polite and say thank you and pretend to agree or if I should fill her in on AJ so she could know how awesome AJ is.

So awesome to have those moments where the challenges she faces just fade into the background.

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