Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What is Done is Done

So today was one of those days that is both awesome and challenging for a kid with PWS.  Okay, to some extent for any 5 year old but the added features....

At 8:00 Ayden Jane was to be at the elementary school for the start of her re eval.  She was going to be evaluated by a very nice woman... who AJ has never met.  After she was done she was going to her 100th day of school celebration which she was very excited about.

She did well for the eval (as far as I know) and we were off to school.  I knew it had been stressful or exhausting or something because you could almost see her head spinning inside.  She started signing in the car when she wanted something!!

We arrived at school and she made it into her classroom.  I had to laugh, though as she stopped by 2 other classes to tell a teacher something or see if a friend was there...  All was now right in her world.  The day was going to be a total break in routine with lots of games, counting and chaos.

When I picked her up I was told she had her first 'tantrum' ever at school.  I actually consider it a victory though.  Here is how it went down.

The schedule was thrown and Ayden Jane thought that she could go into house center and play.  Apparently there is a system which involves names... I think it was the usual time in the day when they would use that system.  Ayden Jane did not hear the teacher when she said that because it was a special day they wouldn't be going into centers.....

Apparently AJ had gotten started by pulling out some dishes ect. when her teacher told her that they were not doing centers... and she needed to clean up.  AJ followed that up with a bit of loud arguing and throwing down the dishes!  She has NEVER done that sort of thing at school.  The teachers were great and just said that she could go sit until she got control of herself but that she needed to clean up before she could join in with the group.

So, the good part?  The tantrum was fairly short lived.  She went and sat for a minute, calmed herself and then cleaned up the mess before returning to the group.  The teachers told her what is done is done and lets move on.  Perfect advice and oh so hard to follow for most PWS kids.  I was surprised that even as the teacher told me of the incident AJ did not get all upset and sort of re live it.

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