Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break

Today was the first day of Spring Break for the kids.  It started out rainy and I was sort of dreading the possibility of spending a week indoors... knowing Ayden Jane needs to get out and get moving!  Luckily the sun peeked out and so we decided to take Tucker for a walk.

Actually, Tucker mostly took AJ for a walk!  It was pretty hilarious.  She kept at it and we walked down to 'the field' in our neighborhood and let him run for a bit.  Then walked him a good while longer.  I'd say over a mile or so.  Ayden Jane was determined to hold the leash and Tucker pulled her every which way including off her feet a few times!  She scraped up both knees, was dragged through a puddle or two and into several ditches.  She couldn't have been happier.  She definitely worked hard as she walked and pulled and even jogged (she uses the word jog because she gets to jog on the horse.  Very cute).  After we got back she had a snack of nuts and a quick nap in the recliner.

Tonight we put on the new glasses and tried to get back to reading.  It is a bit frustrating because she wants to read the books she just can't yet.  I just remind myself that if she is not getting frustrated than I should be okay with the painstakingly slow pace.  Her determination is amazing.  The way she assumes she can do anything.  Her ability to take pride in everything she CAN do.  Don't get me wrong, this attitude drives me absolutely nuts a lot of the day as she insists on doing everything herself, even things she can't do.  How she insists she knows things she just doesn't...  In the long run, I do hope she keeps the super confidence and boldness and the ability to attack everything with an attitude that she is capable of doing anything.  

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