Sunday, April 21, 2013


So this week we celebrated my Dad's 79th birthday on Thurs. evening before the soccer game.  On Friday I made a cake for Noah's birthday and Kayla was on her way from Clemson with another friend who's birthday was this week.  They dove into Noah's cake and hung around and laughed... and we all had happy 18th birthday to Noah.  Then Saturday night Kayla and her friends took Ayden Jane and Mckenna with them as they all went out to eat at a local Mexican place for her friends birthday and we again .... had.... cake.  Happy Birthday Allie.

So, what did we do with Ayden Jane for 3 birthdays in 3 days?  My Mom had gotten some no sugar added ice cream so that was AJ's treat.  She did not care how much cake or whatever anybody else ate.  She had her bit of ice cream and was THRILLED.

Friday, I bought some coconut milk, chocolate ice cream for Ayden Jane.  It was a hit!  So that is the route I went for Noah's and Allie's celebrations.  In the end, I am sure Ayden Jane has some exercise and better eating coming her way, but it was a great few days.

On another front, I am trying CoQ10 once more for Ayden Jane.  I had some positive results when she was an infant, but that was about it.  I have tried it off and on since but there was some talk about a form called Qunol that could be purchased at Walmart.  I bought it and we are about a week into using it.  So what do I think?  I know she has been unconcerned with food (other than ice cream :)  In fact, on Friday night she never ate supper, just the coconut ice cream.  She has been 'easy'.  She has been able to go with the flow even better than usual?  It is so hard to say because 1) Ayden Jane is generally just doing great these days and 2) we have been so busy (which is AJ's favorite thing in the world) and have had lots of fun people around.

After I finish the week, I may up the dose a little and see what happens.  All in all though, we are still cruisin' along like pretty much any other 5 year old.

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  1. Glad to hear that the 3 parties were easy! I just discovered the coconut milk chocolate sugar-free ice cream literally TODAY. I think it's pretty coconut-y, but it's pretty good!

    We also have recently started the Qunol CoQ10. It would help if I was actually remembering to give it to Dean regularly. :) I can't keep track of all these supplements and medications!