Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Wow.  No, I have not forgotten about this page nor am I ignoring it.  Life is just crazy!  And I mean that in a good way:)

I won't try to recap everything...

I do have to say that Ayden Jane has sooooo much energy!!!  It is almost like the harder we play the more energy she has.  Like conditioning? Today she got up early, like by 5 she wanted to know if it was time to get up yet.  Ummm. no.  She went hard all day with school, horses and Noah's varsity game she played all out until 9:30!  I am tired.

On top of that I honestly hit my limit with her talking.  It is fun when she decides to 'tell a story' and you can just passively listen. But today was a barrage of questions.  Honestly, amazingly good questions.  Insightful and varied in topics.  But constant... and deep and requiring entirely way too much brain power on my part!!

One of the topics today was - Why did Jesus to die for our sins?  The standard answer that he loves us just wasn't cutting it.  She wanted to know why Jesus had to die, as in why He couldn't just do something else for our sins.  Trying to explain the concept of the perfect sacrifice...  Ummm, it was a long conversation that luckily ended with a sudden thing grabbing her attention.  Whew.

Another topic you ask?  Why does my body not use sugar like other peoples?  I started to dive in and let her know she has PWS.  I told her that her body is missing a tiny piece that makes her not able to use food the way most people do.  I asked her if she has ever heard us talk about Prader Willi Syndrome.  Her answer was yea, but I can't be missing much because I can too eat sugar.  I eat grapes and bananas and they have a kind of sugar.  That was about as far as we got.

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