Sunday, April 7, 2013

Drill Sargent

I have pushed/preached to Ayden Jane, well really all my kids, daily exercise...  I have been a bit of a runner and I enjoy all sports.  Okay, that's a nice way of saying I was a totally hyperactive child and have the adult version now.  I miss the life of being able to take off and run or play whatever, whenever.  You know, that having kids thing... puts a damper in these things.

One of the solutions I decided to try was the 10 minute trainer videos.  I figured I should be able to squeeze in 10 minutes here and there and I need to do something to improve strength and flexibility.  The other thought was that Ayden Jane might do them with me.  Well, she is awful at them but she loves to do them.  Over time I think she will get the moves down much better but for now at least she is moving and groovin'.  She is one heck of an accountability partner.  We HAVE to do them EVERY day.  We do 2 different ones a day.

Also, she has taken walking and running on as a mission.  Today we went over to Brookgreen Gardens and walked the 'zoo' and a few other trails.  We got home and she said, "Mom, we need to take Tucker for his walk."  Okay, I believe we just spent over an hour wandering through the gardens and zoo.  Off we went though because how do you tell a kid with PWS that we have walked enough in one day!  As soon as we got home the drill Sargent informed me that we still had 10 min trainer to do.  Grrreeeaaatttt.

I pretty much got nothing done today, but at least I got my exercise! 

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