Sunday, April 28, 2013

Crazy Week Recap

What a week.  Our computer displayed the blue screen of death.  Honestly, it gave us all it had to give for many years....  We had already started the search to bring us into the 21st century.  Step one is accomplished... Wifi.  That has made it possible to use the iPad for now and laptop decisions are on their way. Woohoo!

Noah started the week not feeling well.  By saturday, both he and Ayden Jane had positive strep throat tests and ear infections.  Noah played his soccer games anyway and is finally feeling better.

Ayden Jane ran a fever for 5 days which is really impressive for her.  I should have known to take her in after thurs when she slept for 23 out of 24 hours.  Honestly, I just thought it was a virus and that has been the only time in the past that AJ has had a fever.  By Saturday the fever was still there and I took her between Mckennas soccer games.  Not Mom of the year , but AJ may just, be little sister of the year!  She is a really easy sick kid.

Other happenings this week, Mckenna had her musical... 5 performances worth, Noah won region champ in a game that went to PKs while he had strep throat and I brought him home the hour drive shivering and beyond exhausted.  (once again not up for mother of the year) and Mckenna won her soccer tournament this weekend.

Next week?  Hopefully a bit calmer.

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