Sunday, January 19, 2014

All My Fault ...

So we left off with Ayden Jane beginning to put on weight and feel hungry.  I noticed the weight gain (although I can't say it's weight gain for sure because I don't own a scale...) in the way that she looked.  There was an increase in girth around the middle and into the hips and butt.  Her shoulders seemed to be decreasing and a pear shape look was emerging.  This is very similar to what I 'see' when she either needs a bump in gh or is sick and has inflammation creating a sort of insulin resistance and not allowing her body to use the gh well.

Now, Gary and I were talking just before Christmas about how great she was looking so it was a change in a relatively short period of time.  Along with her change in shape came the change in hunger and getting tired in the afternoon.

When I noticed the change I emailed Dr. Miller to see what she thought.  She wanted labs drawn right away and we did that Friday.

Okay, background set so here is where it is all my fault.  I have given Ayden Jane D-ribose for a while now.  Honestly, I don't even remember why is did so the very first time when she was tiny, but this past summer when I saw Dr. M and we were trying to figure out how to get AJ back to where she was (internally) before she got sick.  She suggested I try slipping it in again.  It gave me the desired support (not going into that right now) so I kept it all fall.  Over Christmas I ran out of the old and began new ribose.  I knew that the scoop in it was not the same as the other one and I just never took the time to work out the details of dosing.  Arrrggghhh.

So we are now five days ribose free and from day one the hunger/crash lessened.  She is already looking better and is now full of energy all day long with no afternoon crash.  No more, "Mom I'm starving!"  Yay!

For those interested as to what we are pretty sure was going on inside little miss keep reading.  If your eyes glaze over, sorry.  Somehow the ribose was causing an insulin resistance.  Insulin resistance lowers the bodies ability to use gh.  Most likely the labs we drew will show elevated IGF 1 because the same amount of gh was going in but her ability to use it was diminished.  So on the outside I was seeing what looked like a need for more gh. 

Good news is that because we monitor AJ very closely we are getting her back on her narrow path.

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