Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Returning to the Routine

School started back this week.  Well, sort of... We have had delays in the morning due to cold so the days have been short and the sleeping in continues.  It has basically just been a really strange way to return to the routine. 

I am running into a late afternoon crash with Ayden Jane.  She gets tired, or at least feels out of fuel.  This makes her sure she is hungry.  Yesterday I just said no and sent her to her room when she chose to cry about waiting for 20 min. for supper until the boys were picked up and I had a chance to get it together.  I knew she wasn't really hungry, just tired.  Sure enough she fell asleep for 2 hours!  She wasn't really even hungry when she woke up.  (but of course was wide awake and then stayed up way too late)

Today we ran into the afternoon crash and she wanted to snack her way through staying awake.  FRUSTRATING!!  I had circles to drive around PI to play taxi driver with Mckenna so she hit up Gary for soup right after I left.  I had already given her a cup of nuts.  It's not that in the end she has over eaten, it's the annoying lack of patience and ability to go find something to play.  The attempts to draw me into negotiations drive me crazy because they are basically just a power struggle and plea for attention.

Ayden Jane was very happy with 8:30 breakfast, 12:30 lunch and 6 pm supper over break. (those are flexible times, but seemed to make her run smoothly)  Suddenly breakfast is back to 6:30, lunch 10:50 and so she is honestly ready for supper at 4:30.  I keep trying to have her snack after school to hold her so we can push supper back until closer to 5:30 but it didn't really work before Christmas so I am not sure why I think it will work now.

Hopefully, I will get my act together tomorrow and be able to give her a definite we will have ________ for supper and have it ready by 4:30. I guess I also underestimate how tiring school is for her.  Not physically but mentally. It is funny how if I do supper early like that she really doesn't care if she does not eat again until 6:30 the next morning! 

Well, time to go get my act together for tomorrow!

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