Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So How Did My Blood Check Out?

When Ayden Jane started to gain weight so quickly and be hungry, Dr. M ordered labs.  Of course, that was before I realized my mistake with the supplements.  Anyway, Gary took AJ last Friday and they drew labs.  Ayden Jane almost enjoys this production as she gets to show off.  The girls in the lab always make a big deal about how awesome she is!

Labs came back today.  Here they are:

IGF-1 311 (42-240), IGFBP-3 5.0 (1.3-5.6)
Free T4 1.03, TSH 2.46 (both normal)
CBC normal except slightly high eosinophils again - 6.4 (0-5.0)
Insulin 7.4 (fasting normal 2.6-24.9)
Vitamin D 28.9 (30-100)
So what do they mean?  First up, Ayden Jane's IGF 1 shows a little high which goes right along with our theory of what was going on inside of her when I messed things up.  We will check it again in a month or two to be sure she is good.  Thyroid is still good.  The eosinophil count is just crazy AJ.... we can find no cause and that number is actually low for her.  Her insulin value looks great. 
Surprisingly her vitamin D was low.  I say surprising because it has never been low before.  Then again I don't think we ever checked it in January/February before!  I guess this cold, yucky winter really has kept her inside.  In the summer we supplement vitamin D with surfing!
This evening when we were just hanging out Ayden Jane said, "Oh Mom, how did my blood check out anyway?"  I went with it and we discussed her labs.  She wanted to know what we were going to do about her vitamin D level.  She asked if Dr. M told me what would be good to fix that with or if she and I needed to figure it out. 
It makes me laugh (and makes me a little sad) that Ayden Jane at age 6 knows so much about blood and supplements and nutrition and .... medical stuff.  She asks lots of questions and I just talk to her about it like it is totally normal to have such conversations.  It is surprising just how much she comprehends.  I think that being a part of all of it and understanding (as much as a 6 year old can) helps her to put up with all the extra stuff.  She knows she is on a mission to stay healthy and happy.  Sounds like a great plan to me.

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