Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Break

We are nearing the end of Christmas Break.  It has been 2 weeks of no school, no therapies and lots of family time.  It was a needed break.  I have been reminded that, to some extent, Ayden Jane needs (and I mean NEEDS) lots of activity.  The early part of break the weather was great and we were able to take walks on the beach, ride scooters and bikes and play on the swings.  Then the rains came... then it got cold.

On a random day Ayden Jane loves to have hours to play with her toys by herself and get in her zone.  When her need for good hard play has not been met she really struggles to play this way.  Let's see if I can explain with an example.  Ayden Jane was climbing on me, needing me for things she typically wants to do by herself, knocking things over and bumping into things, whiny, a bit emotional and even asking for food on Thursday.  I recognized the need, but really was not sure what to do about it.  Friday it continued and she was sucking up everyone's time so I took her to the Fun Warehouse where they have a big play structure and bouncy's.  She was better, but it was still a struggle. 

Saturday we did a few things around the house in the morning and then Noah took her out to lunch.  Once back she and I went for a decent walk and then Noah took her swimming and worked her hard!  When they got back Kayla and I took AJ to Michaels with us.  She was silly and happy and fun.  Oh the belly laughs in the back seat as she was telling jokes teasing Kayla.  We got back and AJ was still going strong at 9 pm!  We headed to Grandma's to watch the Clemson game and she was great.  Eventually curled up and went to sleep on the sofa.  She was not even bothered when we woke her up at midnight to come home.

This morning she is calmly, happily playing with her new Christmas baby.  She is just running smoothly and is in total control of herself both physically and emotionally.  The storm within is calmed.

So, although the break from her busy life was great and a blessing, it will also be a good thing for her to head to back to her busy life on Monday.  Oh! and she starts a weekly swimming class.  Woo Hoo!! 

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